Friday, January 12, 2007

Tebow at the Controls

We're not positive this is Tim Tebow's girlfriend, but it's clear the Florida quarterback has his hands full. The sophomore-to-be will be the starter next fall for the defending national champions, but first will come an offseason of much joy. Or so it would appear. ... Thanks to the Midwest Correspondent for bringing these, er this, to our attention. The image was found on Orange Bloods and traced to Barstool Sports.


Anonymous said...

this was taken from a Miami message board:

A few things:

1. NOT Tebow's girlfriend

thats my friend Erin, shes in DG here at UF... nice girl, so-so in the looks department... she is very photogenic - she used to model for Abercrombie when she was a freshman, then she blew up... now she is just getting back into shape

2. Those are 100% fake - Ive known her for 2 years, and she just got them last semester... they look bigger in the picture, not so big in real life

3. Erin is a senior and wants to go to med school... shes actually pretty smart

4. Time Tebow dated an ADPi here at UF, a Freshman, who said he was "weird" - but not in a gay way - and that he was too religious... the girl dumped him a few months ago

5. Erin has a boyfriend in Pike, who is also a senior, who is about 5'2'' and they have been together for about 3 years... real nice guy

6. Tebow went on a few dates with my friend Tanya, also a senior, a real nice and attractive Colombian girl... she also wasn't feelin the vibe with him- said he was too young and they didnt click

7. I met Erin here at UF - she recognized me from the gym one day while i was at Gator City, and wanted to introduce her friend to me - that her and her friend always see me at the gym... her friend is a UF Dazzler, good looking girl from what i remember, I just met her briefly, but not really my type

Just from someone who is involved in the Gville bar/gym/social scene...

Anonymous said...

Well isnt that some useful information about the freshman. I doubt anyone really cares about Mr. Tebow.

I myself am a USF fan and looking forward to the UF game in 2009. BE AFRAID TEBOW... we have the number one rated freshman quarterback in the nation. Matt Grothe.

Anonymous said...

"Those are 100% fake."

Gee, ya think?