Friday, December 22, 2006

The West Texas Town of El Paso

Our love for El Paso is well documented. Just when you think you've had enough of the nightlife, the twinkling lights of Juarez await, where fun can be had 24-7. And the cool thing is that Juarez has a sportsbook! Now the only problem with all of this is actually getting to El Paso. It's located somewhere in the middle of nowhere. Oregon State fans discovered this early on after the Beavers were selected to play Missouri in the Sun Bowl on Dec. 29. The Oregonian, taking note of this, has asked fans to submit their Sun Bowl travel stories. One Beaver fan who lives in Arlington, Texas, checked into taking Amtrak to El Paso. Turns it the trip would have taken 33 hours 26 minutes. "Texas is a big state, but in 33 hours, I could go to Australia and back," he wrote. Another fan who lives in Washington State is flying from Seattle to Phoenix, then meeting a buddy there. Together they will drive like madmen to El Paso and get a couple of hours sleep before kickoff.

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