Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Tug-of-War: Bowls vs. Playoffs

Things could get interesting in 2007 for the NCAA. Congress is taking interest in the education-based tax-exemption of college sports and don't be surprised to see a congressional hearing where NCAA honcho Myles Brand, who pulls down whopping $870,000-plus salary, faces questions about commercialism. It's everywhere if you look at the bowl games: Bowl, AutoZone Liberty, Capital One, Tostitos Fiesta Bowl ... you get the idea. So if Uncle Sam wants his cut of the deal, what does this mean to the Bowl Championship Series? Will the BCS collapse? Playoff Solution, a site that was created earlier this month, has a plan for a 10-team playoff — a hybrid system, if you will — that incorporates the bowl games. According to the site, "You will find that the hybrid system takes the pros of both systems and leaves the cons behind."

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