Thursday, November 23, 2006

Pac-10 Replay Official Riese Calling It Quits

Gordon Riese's career is over. The Pacific 10 replay official who is being blamed for missing the call on the onside kick that contributed to Oklahoma's 34-33 loss at Oregon on Sept. 16 is calling it quits, according to George Schroeder of the Oklahoman. The $400 payday wasn't worth the headache and the 64-year-old retired high school math teacher, who was suspended for one game after the blown call, decided not to return to the booth after the suspension. Although the Pac-10 has forbidden him to speak on the topic, Riese hints that there is plenty of blame to go around. First, he saw only one replay angle of the onside kick, but he can't say why that was, whether it was a technical or human error. And Riese said although he knew Oklahoma had recovered the ball, by rule he wasn't allowed to determine possession. That ruling had already been made on the field. Although the death threats have stopped, he still receives two or three calls a week from irate Oklahoma fans. Riese also received 67 letters of encouragement, even a few from Oklahoma. But the blown call will always be with him. "It will never leave me," he said. "Until I die." (registration).

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