Monday, November 20, 2006

Let the Politicking Begin

Rematch anyone? Should Michigan, which lost to Ohio State, 42-39, on Saturday and finished second in the Big Ten race, get another shot at the Buckeyes in the Bowl Championship Series title game? If the season ended today, the Wolverines would, but USC, with games against Notre Dame and UCLA, appears to be in position to overtake Michigan, which has concluded its regular season. If the Trojans stumble, does the winner of the Southeastern Conference championship game between Florida and Arkansas deserve a shot? And what about Notre Dame? Can you justify the Fighting Irish getting the nod over the Wolverines, who scored a decisive 47-21 victory over Notre Dame on Sept. 16? With the BCS likely headed for another disaster, we thought there was no better time to put Democracy to the test.
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Which of the following one-loss teams is most deserving of a shot to play Ohio State in the BCS title game?
Michigan USC Florida Notre Dame Arkansas


Anonymous said...

It's such a tough question. I think USC would own the spot if they beat ND and UCLA. I don't think that makes them either the best or most deserving of the one-loss teams, I just think that the Blue had their chance and didn't win the game so someone else should have a shot to beat the Buckeyes. That said, I don't see how a one loss Notre Dame could get in ahead of Michigan when they lost to Michigan and I'm lukewarm, at best, about the SEC teams because I haven't seen enough of them.

The Big Picture said...

man, wiz.

arkansas is running away with the poll. southerners must love the site!

CM Gayley said...

Similarly, however, I'd be a little surprised if Arkansas went to Glendale over USC, given that 50-14 score.

PigKahuna said...

With all the ground yardage racked up by Michigan against the Buckeyes, the Hogs might run rampant through their defense.