Wednesday, November 22, 2006

A Happy Thanksgiving From Chuck Amato

It appears North Carolina State's Chuck Amato is about to lose his job. What do we base this on? Just take a listen to this audio clip, brought to you by Joe Ovies of the terrific 850/620 The Blog. This all came down during Amato's press conference on Monday. Before the proceedings began, a condescending flack set this ground rule: No questions about Amato's job status. If anybody stepped over the line, the press conference was over. So it took about 20 minutes before a reporter from the student newspaper, the Technician, said the hell with it and asked Chuckie about his future. Amato mutters a few words about speculation and then begins to storm off the stage. But before doing so, he wants to wish everybody a Happy Thanksgiving. Classic! We've listened to this about 10 times and can only imagine being in the room when it all came down. Amato's voice always gets us chuckling, but we would have busted a gut laughing when Amato went on his mini-rampage. If anybody knows where we can get video of this, please let us know.

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