Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Taxi Cab Confessions

We can only hope the HBO cameras were rolling early Sunday in Seattle. Reserve Washington running back Michael Houston, a transfer from Texas, was arrested on suspicion of auto theft. Specifically, a cab. According to police, Houston, two other men and a woman were picked up by an Orange Cab at a Deja Vu strip club. As the cabbie drove them to a McDonald's, the woman allegedly spit on a window. When the cabbie stopped the vehicle, got out and called 911 on his cell phone, it is alleged that Houston jumped from the back seat to the front and drove away. A short time later, police spotted Houston exiting the parked cab from the driver-side door. He was arrested and has a bail hearing Wednesday morning. Houston, who said he had difficulty getting his release from Texas because he had to pay off parking tickets and some loans he "probably shouldn't have taken out," has been suspended indefinitely from the team.

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The Big Picture said...

he'd be a better fit if he stayed at texas. or miami. yeah, miami would work.