Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Partying Down at Chestnut Hill

Football has a way of bringing everybody together, and Todd Heustess of Outsports found that to be the case during his tailgate stop at Boston College for the Eagles' Oct. 12 game against Virginia Tech. For generations, a climate of homophobia has existed at Chestnut Hill. The Princeton Review ranked Boston College as the No. 3 most homophobic university in the country. Although the atmosphere on campus is far from perfect, a movement has improved the climate for all students, Heustess said. As for the party scene, Heustess writes: "The mix ... after the game was pretty much the same, equal parts guys and girls, the 15-20 [gay and lesbian] students mixing easily with all their straight counterparts. None of the non-GLS students I talked to seemed to care that I was writing a story for a gay sports site. They just thought it was cool that a freelance writer from L.A. was there to write about the game and the tailgate scene."


Anonymous said...

"Although far from perfect, Heustess..." - need to change the object of the phrase (presumably BC, not Todd).

Anonymous said...

Thanks for pointing that out! It has been fixed.