Saturday, October 21, 2006

Game of the Week

Now there's plenty to see outside of Texas, but if your a freshman on the Longhorn football team, you wouldn't know that. Texas has built a 6-1 record and has yet to leave the state. The Longhorns have played five games in Austin, one in Houston and another in Dallas. But the home cooking is over Saturday because Texas travels to Lincoln and takes on the Nebraska Cornhuskers. It's freshman quarterback Colt McCoy's first serious road game and if the season plays out the way we expect it will, the teams will meet again in the Big 12 title game. It's our game of the week, and we bring on Mark Mathis, who knows a little something about Big 12 football having been a scout team quarterback at Baylor. Mathis suffered his first loss of the season last week when the referees conspired to ruin his pick of Florida over Auburn. But champions bounce back in a big way, so let's hear what he has to say about Texas' chances at Lincoln:

"Come on! This is the about as close to a Division I-A and Division I-AA matchup we have had. Watch me blow this one as well! But as I sit here in an airport waiting to catch a flight, I can only think that the Horns don't let the Huskers sneak up on them. It's a blowout at Memorial Stadium in Lincoln. Look for the Horns to take this one, 38-14! By the way, what's the deal with air travel these days? They sure don't make it fun....

Weather in Lincoln: Look for some scattered showers and cold. The weather will most likely favor the Horns. They are bigger and stronger and will run all game long. I predicted the score before I checked the upper air flow charts so might have to drop the Horns score just a bit, but they still will win. Cold, with a kickoff temperature of 40, some rain and a north wind at 15. Hook 'Em!!!

Big Red Network: All things Nebraska. Where else on the Internet can you print out a pocket guide to the game?

Tim Griffin, San Antonio Express-News: This nugget from his Big 12 Insider: The Longhorns and Cornhuskers have each won nine of their last 10 games.

Texas Trifecta: We don't want to shortchange any of our blogging friends from Texas, so here's links to Bevo Sports, Burnt Orange Nation and Mean Horn.

Corn Nation: Now how can you not like a site with a name like that? Besides, they provided the picture of the Cornhusker cheerleaders.

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