Thursday, October 26, 2006

Blogger Blues

Our apology for the sporadic postings the past few days, but once again, Blogger is giving us (and everybody else on the network) fits. And Blogger is scheduled to once again be taken down Thursday afternoon. This latest round of Blogger trouble has reaffirmed our plans to take the site off the network in the offseason. We will give everybody plenty of notice before we flip the switch on this move. Thanks again for your patience.


C.J. Schexnayder said...

oh baby, i hear ya.

i used blogger for three years but their incredible incompetence in the last several months made me put up the dough to move as well.

it wasn't so much the problems themselves. any service that big is going to have problems. and, of course, it is free. but the sheer inefficency of their service department was simply astounding.

they are unbelievably difficult to reach and, when you do get someone to e-mail you back, they are incredibly useless.

good on ya for getting up the gumption to go.

Anonymous said...

I've been using Wordpress for almost a year. No issues, just pure awesomeness.

Nobrainer said...

Based on my experience, I suggest you plan any move to the utmost detail.

Anonymous said...

I appreciate the feedback from everyone. I've been looking at Movable Type. About 90% of the work on the site is done on an Apple PowerBook. If anybody has specific experience using Movable Type and Apple, I'd like to hear about your experiences.