Thursday, September 07, 2006

Grass-Roots Effort to Overturn 3-2-5-e

It all started Monday in Austin when a group of fans from Big 12 South schools were discussing the weekend's games at work. Now it's rare to get Aggies, Longhorns or Red Raiders to agree on anything, but they were united in their dislike over the impact of the 3-2-5-e rule. A domain name was registered, and on Tuesday We Hate the New Clock Rules went online. The site "is a campaign by college football fans to let the TV networks and, more importantly, the NCAA Football Rules Committee know that we hate the new clock rules, and we want them gone after the 2006 season!" The site has a resolution that thousands of fans have already signed. The backers say they plan to present it to major media and the Football Rules Committee.

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