Saturday, September 23, 2006

A Gloomy Forecast From Mike Leach

We can't imagine many coaches who would want to forecast weather. Then again, there aren't many coaches quite like Texas Tech's Mike Leach. This past week was a prime example. Leach ripped into his team after last Saturday's 12-3 loss to Texas Christian. It was the Red Raiders' worst offensive effort since a 60-15 loss to Oklahoma in 2002. What did Leach make of his team's play? "I saw a bunch of prima donna pretty boys prancing around like they thought they were too good to be there," he said. Leach was just getting started. "I think there's too many golden calves around here that are either being worshipped or think they're being worshipped or worshipping themselves. We need to melt them all down and make silverware if we're ever going to get anywhere."

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