Thursday, August 10, 2006

Wanted: Slackers

According to a recent survey by AOL and, American workers spend almost two hours a day at work goofing off. The Wiz, a noted slacker himself, believes that if slackers unite, we can create a better knowledge-based site for college football fans. Now we aren't looking for the run-of-the-mill slackers. No, we want elite slackers, slackers who have perfected the craft, brought it to an art form. Specifically, we want slackers who surf team message boards. Our hope is to get enough slackers together to actually get something accomplished, namely help provide news tips, rumors, works of fark, articles ... anything that falls through the cracks of our daily cruise through cyberspace. So if you want to contribute, let us know. The address is dawizofodds (at)


WCT said...

what percentage of that time slacking is spent reading websites like this one

Anonymous said...

Beatuofa, I hope you see this. I might have a workaround. Try our other URL:

That's the easy way. Now I take no responsibility for the following, but if you need to get down and dirty, here is a great piece from Reporters Without Borders on technical ways to get around censorship. Check out circumvention technologies. This stuff is for reporters working around the world who have to get through firewalls set up in various countries, so it's good stuff:

Let me know how it works out. :-)

The Wiz