Sunday, August 27, 2006

Wall Street Journal Ranks the Rankers

Predicting the results of the college football season is huge business, but when you look back at those magazines sitting on the coffee table when it's all over, you'll see that most prognosticators didn't have a clue. The Wall Street Journal has a dynamite piece in its Weekend Edition that ranks college football's fortunetellers by examining the track record of 12 of the most-read guides and preseason rankings the past five years. Lindy's ranks at the top of the Journal's list, and if you are a Notre Dame fan, you'll like what the Birmingham-based magazine has to say about 2006. Iowa fans, meanwhile, might be in for a disappointment. The Journal also found that some teams are consistently treated more generously by preseason polls, notably Tennessee and Kansas State. The piece is available online only to subscribers. Otherwise, run down to your newstand and pick one up before it is replaced by Monday's edition. Thanks to Greg for the tip!

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