Thursday, August 03, 2006

From the BCS Title Game to the Dust Bowl

Quarterback Rhett Bomar, above, and guard J.D. Quinn were dismissed from the Oklahoma team after officials determined the players had been paid for hours they did not work at Big Red Sports/Imports, a Norman car dealership. Employment records revealed the players were clocked in during practice, according to the Oklahoman. Big Red is the same dealership that was investigated last spring after Sooner running back Adrian Peterson aborted the purchase of a late-model Lexus, so if you are a Texas or Oklahoma State fan, you might want to purchase your next vehicle from Big Red, which has basically destroyed any hope the Sooners had this season for a run at the BCS championship. On top of this, the NCAA is likely to pay a visit, which is not good news for an athletic department already on a two-year probation for major rules violations committed by men's basketball coaches. Of course, they are having fun with this in Austin. As for the Oklahoman coverage, this is bigger news than the dust bowl, which the team will now try to avoid in the postseason. Columnist Berry Tramel says Bomar is a knucklehead. John Rohde says the Sooners have a quality punter in coach Bob Stoops, who booted the players. And we have links to video coverage: a no comment from Bomar at Will Rogers airport; the national media reacts; Dean Blevins reports on Bomar's OU stint; reaction from Sooner fans; and the owner of the Big Red dealership addresses the situation (registration).


Michael Pigott said...

They show a commercial of the car dealership to start it.

Anonymous said...

My friend's sister worked for Big Red for all of two days before being so disgusted by the sexism/racism/good-ol-boyness of the employees that she quit. It is not at all surprising that they would try to return Norman to the days of Switzer. If OU knows what's good for them, they'll make very sure no other OU player has ever worked for them before some enterprising newspaper/blogger digs it up. I say this as an OU alum myself.

Also, I always knew Bomar would find a way to screw us royally. I just figured it would be more along the blown knee or six-INT game route.

The Big Picture said...

so where does this drop OU? top-15?