Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Storm Watch 2006 in Ames

We promised earlier to display as many poster schedules as possible, and Iowa State has come through with a beaut (thanks to reader Steve for this). The Cyclones selected "Track The Storm" as a theme and defensive tackle Brent "Big Play" Curvey, who is on the Outland Trophy watch list, is the centerpiece. Mugshots of other seniors are displayed on the right-hand side. Previously, we displayed USC's poster, and you can view it by clicking here. Now if you feel we are playing favorites here, we are. This can be corrected if you send the Wiz an image of your team's official poster schedule. The email address is in this link.


Michael Pigott said...

(voice of Jeff Foxworthy)

If you need Photoshop to spice up your media guide cover, you might be a second rate football program.

The Big Picture said...

bring back seneca wallace! then there will really be a storm.