Thursday, July 13, 2006

Florida Swamps the Competition

Florida is celebrating its 100th year of football, and the Gators' 2006 poster schedule combines a mix of old and new titled "The Boys of Old Florida." Up front, we have to say this tasteful montage — truly a work of love — puts the Gators at the top of the class. How much do we think of this beautiful image? If the Wiz were an art connoisseur, the wall space would be rearranged to find a place next to the Picasso for this piece. We must thank reader Sam for this, and if you have an image of your team's official 2006 poster schedule, please send it our way. Previous entries include Iowa State and USC.


Michael Pigott said...

I'm trying to find you the one for Bama. I'm pretty sure it will have Mike Shula doing his amazing "no-blinking" routine. The man has skills.

The Big Picture said...

this thing is like a "where's waldo?" poster. but waldo? how 'bout steve spurrier.