Thursday, June 22, 2006

Oregon's Uniform Policy Is One of Change

Oregon may have cornered the market when it comes to ugly uniforms and the team is at it again. Oregon unveiled new fall colors — the fourth uniform style since 1996 — that include four different jerseys, four different pants and three helmets. The innovations and ensemble possibilities — 48 in all — will once again make the Ducks the most unusually outfitted and fussed-over team in the nation. But that is what Oregon wants to be, believing the changes help catch the eye of recruits. "We're a happening place and young people like that," athletic director Bill Moos told the Oregonian. The uniforms are 28% lighter than last year, 34% lighter under wet conditions. The paint on the green helmets is made with glass and costs $2,400 per gallon. Tight end Dante Rosario is proud to wear the uniforms, but he was among those who came up with the designs. To see all the possibilities, go to this link (some registration).


Anonymous said...

When you need to change your uniforms every couple of years, you have no tradition. I'm not talking small changes like Michigan's jersey flap last year or Ohio State's controversy this year, but the full-on, we look like idiots kind of a change.

Anonymous said...

Au contraire, mon ami.

These uniforms are absolutely FABULOUS!!! Sashaying down the field to "score" has never looked better!

Kudos to the guys who had the guts to bring this look out of the closet and onto the 50 yard line.


greg6363 said...

Exactly, tbmd96. Traditions are not built on fads.