Monday, June 26, 2006

Mouth of the South Is at It Again

We told you last week about South Carolina's Steve Spurrier citing eight to 10 "so-called players" who were failing to show the proper commitment to summer workouts. Well, Spurrier was just getting started. "We got some real sorry, lazy guys; they won't go to class; they'll flunk out or fall by the wayside at some point, but we have to deal with them in the meantime." There's more. "Not attending class, that's something you run into everywhere, but usually, even those guys will show up for workouts — not this group." Spurrier made the comments to Bart Wright of the Greenville News. The coach normally saves his best stuff for rivals, with Tennessee coach Phillip Fulmer being his favorite punching bag. He reportedly was asked at a Gamecock alumni meeting how his team managed to beat the Volunteers in 2005. Responded Spurrier: "The same way Vanderbilt did."


SAMO said...

Haha. The old ball coach sounds pissed.

The Big Picture said...

Spurrier: dedicated to education.