Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Bush and His Reps: Greedy and Sloppy

Clearly, the best piece we've seen to date on the Reggie Bush situation. Jim Trotter of the San Diego Union-Tribune writes that Bush, running for yards last season against California, has no one to blame but himself for going from Heisman winner to bad guy in a matter of weeks. It was Bush who choose Joel Segal as his agent and Mike Ornstein as his marketing rep. Could he have picked a worse team? Trotter says Segal, whose background includes a one-year suspension by the NFL Players Association for funneling cash to a Florida athlete, blew Bush's chances of being the No. 1 selection in last month's draft. Ornstein, whose background includes a 1997 felony conviction for mail fraud, did line up a couple of big deals for his client, but when the news broke that Bush's family might have lived rent-free in a house of a man trying to partner with Bush in a fledgling sports-marketing company, Ornstein was nowhere to be found. Says Trotter: "In some respects, it's amazing to witness the ineptitude that has taken place."

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