Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Troubles Appear to Be Building for USC

If you are a USC fan, be worried. Be very worried. New details have emerged that suggest Reggie Bush's family had significant ties and perhaps a business agreement with aspiring sports marketer Michael Michaels, who tried to secure the USC tailback as a client. Hearings regarding a parole violation for Lloyd Lake, who with Michaels was a founding partner of New Era Sports & Entertainment, suggest a deal was in place with Bush before the 2005 season. Now if this is true, toss out our previous statement that USC might receive only a slap on the wrist from the NCAA, which is now on the case. Try forfeiting some or all of the victories of a 12-1 season. Also comes word that New Era met with Trojan tackle Winston Justice in San Diego. This comes from San Diego-based agent David Caravantes, who also testified at a parole hearing for Lake. Justice, oddly enough, is represented by Gary Uberstine, who also is the agent for Trojan coach Pete Carroll. And in yet another bizarre twist to the story, Lake's sister, Lisa, also was mentioned in court as being part of the fledgling business. Lisa just happens to be an anchor for San Diego station KGTV. And yes, she is an alumna of Helix High, the same high school that Bush attended. We can't make this stuff up. ... No, this story is not going away, and if we continue to pile on at this rate, the San Diego Union-Tribune poster of their hometown hero that is featured with this post might soon disappear.

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Anonymous said...

What a damn shame... Bush's family breaks the rule, and the other players, coaches, and fans get to pay the penalties.