Monday, August 29, 2005

Mission Statement

Hello everybody and welcome to "The Wizard of Odds."

Our mission is straightforward: Provide a forum for the exchange of information that will enhance the ability to gauge the performance of college football teams from week to week against the point-spread. Now we are not advocating gambling. That is illegal in many places. View this as a stock market, with teams being publicly traded companies. Some weeks a team's stock goes up, other weeks it goes down. Finding value in a changing market is the goal.

To do this, we ask that your posts contain factual information that will facilitate the process. This means providing a URL or attribution to when possible. Keep away from the rumor business. The internet is a jungle and we want to find the right vines.

And this is not a forum for fans to rant about polls, the bowl championship series, a hated rival or a coach who falls short of expectations. There are other places to vent. This is about having an intelligent exchange that will help recognize trends and provide insight from week to week.

If the conversation strays off course, the Wizard reserves the right to delete posts.

Keep it sharp, play it smart and let's help each other!

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