Saturday, August 09, 2008

Nevada Las Vegas

Year four of the Mike Sanford experiment begins at Nevada Las Vegas and if it's anything like the first three, Sanford could be out of a job. He has three consecutive two-win seasons and outside of an outburst after a Sept. 9, 2006 game at Iowa State (YouTube video here), nothing of note has happened with his program. Ron Kantowski of the Las Vegas Sun says the Rebels' problems begin with Sam Boyd Stadium, which seats only 36,800. He writes, "if you don’t have a stadium that seats 50,000, chances are pretty good that football on your campus is only a diversion until basketball practice begins." Thanks to Paul.


Mike said...

My eyes! My eyes!!! said...

I'm not so sure it is a capacity issue and it isn't a bad stadium. Two simple problems:

1. The team needs to start winning. They could have an on-campus stadium right now and it would be empty. In a last ditch effort to make something happen, Sanford is focusing on recruiting players that come from winning teams and are used to having a winning attitude. Hope it helps.

2. The location of Sam Boyd Stadium couldn't be worse. The majority of the growth (and more affluent growth) has been in the northwest part of Las Vegas. The stadium is in the southeast section of Las Vegas.

Anonymous said...

Vegas will never care about UNLV football. They didn't care when Randall was throwing balls, and they barely cared when John Robinson tried to infuse USC transfers into a lifeless program. Stick to basketball Rebels.