Thursday, September 21, 2006

Rebel Without a Cause

Maybe this replay thing isn't such a good idea. Just take a look at Nevada Las Vegas coach Mike Sanford after his team's 16-10 loss to Iowa State on Sept. 9 in Ames. Sanford races from the officials' locker room and onto the field in an attempt to persuade a review of the final play, a pass to the Rebels' Aaron Straiten in the back of the end zone. Straiten caught what could have been the game-winning touchdown, but was ruled out of bounds (it turns out the play was reviewed, but word didn't reach Sanford until long after his tirade). In the interim, Sanford kept his team on the field for 15 minutes after the final play in protest. The situation started to turn ugly when Cyclone fans began chanting "Let's go home" to the Rebel players, who were more than eager to respond to the chants. Eventually the Rebels took the fans' advice and headed to the locker room, but each player was escorted to the team bus by police. Thanks to the Midwest Correspondent!

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