Friday, July 18, 2008


Up next is Troy of the Sun Belt Conference. We thank Eric for sending the poster schedule our way. Let's see what Mike and Mike have to say. ...


"This poster resembles a comic book cover with big puffy letters and players flying through the air. It does not work for me for a number of reasons.

"The poses of the players bring back memories of the old black and white images of players flying through the air. But if you are going to use these old-time poses, go all the way with a retro look for the entire poster. And I didn't care for the different level of lighting on the two players. If you're going to stage photos, at least make them consistent. Three, do you really need your mascot to have such prominent place? Like I said about coaches (see North Texas review), if your mascot is well-known then use it. Otherwise no one cares."

"Maybe next year Troy will go with a Dungeons and Dragons theme."

Mike from S.F.:

"This is my least favorite poster thus far. The colors appear washed out and the prominent play of the mascot takes from the images of players Boris Lee and DuJuan Harris flying through the air.

"With its victory over Oklahoma State and 8-4 record last season, Troy had a better case to be in a bowl game than several .500 teams. Trips for payday games to Louisiana State, Ohio State and Oklahoma State highlight the 2008 schedule and the Trojans should be in the hunt for a berth in the New Orleans Bowl."


Anonymous said...

Please tell Mike from S.F. that he is being asked to critique the poster, not the team. We can all read who they are scheduled to play.
A team's non-conference matchup against a BCS school or their bwol chances have nothing to do with the poster.
We have a world full of "experts", we don't need another one...

PS, the original Mike has great insight on the posters. Well done...

SMQ said...

These pics aren't staged. You can see the same photo of Boris Lee with surrounding game action in Athlon.

Mike said...

in my defense, "anonymous", dawiz edited out about 2/3 of my flowing commentary so it looked like i was just talking about the sched. and comments about the football schedule that the poster is about in the first place does seem relevant.