Wednesday, July 09, 2008

North Texas

The popular college football poster schedules are back for the third year in a row. If you're new to the site, we will display one poster schedule — the official poster schedule released by the team — each day leading to the start of the season. We have several in hand already but if you're an SID or a fan and want your team's poster displayed, send it to dawizofodds (at) Only clean copies will be accepted. Thanks to Todd of College Football Top Ten for the North Texas poster, which you can click for a closer look.

Last week we asked if anybody wanted to review the posters. Reader Mike sent in the following credentials:

1) College football fan
2) Avid reader of your blog
3) Willingness to state what is good and what sucks

Of course, we took note of No. 2. Yes, it always helps to say good things about the head blogmaster in this corner of cyberspace. Mike is our winner for this daunting task and here is what he has to say about the Mean Green's effort:

"Todd Dodge moved from coaching perennial high school power Southlake Carroll to take over the Mean Green of North Texas in 2007. He might be second-guessing that decision, as the team lost more games in 2007 (10) than he did in the previous five years (79-1). Things don't seem to be getting any easier as the Mean Green travel to Kansas State and Louisiana State. Hope the payday is worth the beating. An interesting note entering this season is that Dodge's son, Riley, decommitted from Texas to play for his dad at NT.

"As for the poster, not very inspiring. Maybe because it looks like some wannabe be graphic artist designed it with the main image looking too much like a comic book drawing. Plus, unless your an iconic coach, I am not too fond of putting them on your poster. And the jury is out whether Todd Dodge is more Paterno or Faust. Finally, in what will be come a recurring theme, please no ads on the poster. Do we have to sell out on everything?"


Anonymous said...

It's no longer North Texas State. It's University of North Texas.


dawizofodds said...

Thanks for pointing that out, Knot. Correction made.

Robert Cliatt said...

Almost every if not every college schedule poster reguardless of sport, has sponsors.

Wagon said...

What happened to 'Dodge Ball?'