Wednesday, April 30, 2008

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Which team had the most players selected in the NFL draft?

A) Alabama
B) Northwestern
C) Bentley
D) Oklahoma State

The correct answer is, of course, C, Bentley.

Valuable information like this can come in handy. Thus the reason for this post. Here's the draft breakdown by teams, conferences and positions.

For all that talent Ohio State allegedly has been stockpiling, it had only three players selected. Rival Michigan, interestingly enough, had six. The Buckeyes are already talking revenge in the 2009 draft.

Brigham Young fans might be upset about opening the 2008 season at home against Northern Iowa, but consider that the Panthers had more players selected (2) than the Cougars (1).


Anonymous said...

The paragraph on OSU talent didn't make much sense. Everyone knows they have 1st round draft juniors who decided to stay their senior year. I mean it's not like anything is "allegedly" dude.

Sarge said...

Yea, perhaps "alleged" may not work there, but I get what he's saying. This past year definitely wasn't a strong draft in terms of Buckeyes, but you'll have that when only one guy leaves (Gholston). 2009 will definitely make up for it...

Midwest Correspondent said...

There's a reason why Northern Iowa had more players drafted than BYU.

Northern Iowa was the better team. It beat Iowa State, which beat Colorado, which beat Oklahoma, which beat Tulsa, which beat BYU.

Anonymous said...

Anyone notice which conference's teams had the most NFL caliber players?

Pac-10: 3.4 per team
SEC: 2.9
ACC: 2.75
Big East: 2.7
Big 10: 2.5
Big 12: 2.4