Thursday, April 24, 2008

It's Time to Rebuild at Texas A&M

The 2007 season was a forgettable one in College Station. If Dennis Franchione wasn't publishing his VIP Connections newsletter or running up the score on Nebraska, an Aggie yell leader was being sent home from the Alamo Bowl after saying, "Joe Paterno's on his death bed! And someone needs to find him a casket."

To top it off, an Aggie fan at the Alamodome was caught on camera digging in his nose and consuming a tasty snack. Yikes!
But times, they are a changing in College Station. Thanks to the fine photography work of reader Greg, we are here to show you how they are blending the old with the new in Aggieland in 2008. It was all on display Saturday at the Maroon and White game.

Yes, the 12th Man is alive and well, along with the $1,000 boots cadet seniors proudly wear around campus.
Gone is Franchione and his newsletter. The new sheriff in town is Mike Sherman. OK, who cares if he was caught sleeping at the NFL scouting combine when he was on the staff of the Houston Texans? And the yell leaders? They promise to be on their best behavior.
The Aggies embrace their tradition. They have a trophy case to prove it.
Everything is big in Texas. They once crammed 88,253 into Kyle Field.
The snazziest addition to Kyle Field came in 2006 with the installation of 12th Man TV, a 3,954 square foot Mitsubishi Diamond Vision enhanced resolution LED videoboard. Bitching!
Aggieland Outfitters was sued over the Saw 'Em Off logo and had to make minor changes to it because the original design infringed on the Texas Longhorn trademark. (This all started after an Aggie victory over the Longhorns in 2006.) But from the looks of it, the lawsuit merely made the logo even more popular among Aggie fans.
Young and old fans were among the estimated crowd of 32.000.
Gas prices might be pushing $4 a gallon, but Texas is oil country and high prices for fuel are not going to slow down the Aggies.

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Three N Out said...

It was kinda funny that Texas Tech and OU sell very similar shirts to the "saw 'em off"

A&M wins in '06 and Texas sues just A&M