Wednesday, July 04, 2007

They Can Still Saw 'Em Off in College Station

The lawsuit involving the University of Texas against Aggieland Outfitters has been settled. The suit claimed Aggieland Outfitters manipulated the Texas Longhorn silhouette on its "Saw 'Em Off" merchandise. The "Saw 'Em Off" logo has been used on products since 1997 and nobody in Austin seemed to care until the Aggies defeated the Longhorns, 12-7, last Nov. 24. Days later, Texas officials filed the lawsuit.

The Daily Texan reported that Aggieland Outfitters spent more than $200,000 in legal fees before reaching a $25,000 settlement that included the addition of nostrils and a tuft or "blaze" of hair between the eyes of its longhorn logo. Thanks to SI On Campus.


Anonymous said...

Texas fans; whiners.

2percenter said...

Well, maybe tu should get themselves a new logo. Go to to vote for some crazy ones!