Wednesday, March 26, 2008

It's Just Pocket Change to Saban

What does Nick Saban think about being second-highest paid coach in the Southeastern Conference? "I could care less," he told Ian R. Rapoport of the Birmingham News.

Louisiana State's Les Miles took over the top spot when his new deal surpassed Saban's by a mere $1,000. Of course, when you're pulling down $3.75 million, what's a thousand here or there?

Rapoport asked Saban: "You're not, like, really, really, really upset about it?"

Responded Saban: "Doesn't bother me a bit."

The Alabama coach then said, "Ya know, I'm really pleased and happy for any coach that does well in this profession and Les Miles has done an outstanding job. He won the national championship, he's done a fantastic job with the record he's had since he's been there, and we're pleased and happy for him. It doesn't affect us in any way."

Thanks to Geaux to Hell Saban for the image.

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J.D. said...

Always a pet peeve of mine. People say "I could care less." The correct usage of the term is "I couldn't care less." If you're saying that you could care less, you are in essence saying that you care a great deal and it is possible that you could care less than you currently do. I wonder if sometimes people use the wrong phrase intentionally to see if they'll get called on it.