Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Long and Short of It

Thanks to the terrific work of, the ultimate site for college football stats junkies, we bring you the 10 longest and shortest games of the 2007 season:

The longest games with the date played (broadcast partner) and time:

Tennessee-Kentucky 11/24 (CBS): 4:43*
Southern Methodist-Memphis 11/24 (Local & PPV): 4:33*
Louisiana State-Kentucky 10/13 (CBS): 4:27*
Miami (Ohio)-Minnesota 9/8 (Big Ten): 4:23*
Hawaii-Louisiana Tech 9/8 (ESPN+): 4:23*

Fresno State-Texas A&M 9/8 (Fox National): 4:21*
Arkansas-Louisiana State 11/23 (CBS): 4:20*
Hawaii-San Jose State 10/12 (ESPN): 4:17*
Louisiana State-Alabama 11/3 (CBS): 4:13
Arizona State-Texas 12/27 (ESPN): 4:12**
* overtime ** bowl game

The shortest games with the date played (broadcast partner) and time:

Maryland-Florida International 9/8 (none): 2:39
Buffalo-Ball State 9/29 (none): 2:40
Sacramento State-Fresno State 9/1 (none): 2:43
Arkansas State-Southern Mississippi 11/24 (none): 2:44
Liberty-Toledo 10/6 (none): 2:45

Central Connecticut State-Western Michigan 9/22 (none): 2:45
Tennessee Tech-Auburn 11/3 (none): 2:45
Utah-Colorado State 10/27 (the mtn.): 2:46
Bowling Green-Kent State 10/20 (none): 2:47
Kent State-Ohio State 10/13 (Big Ten): 2:47


Knute Bryant said...

The MAC sure does know how to keep 'em short

Anonymous said...

Look both at this post and the original at, the story is pretty obvious -- the length of the game is highly dependent on the size of the audience. The networks feature the fewest plays/minute, followed by basic cable, followed by regional cable, followed by no TV coverage at all.

It has nothing to do with which conference is scoring more points. It has everything to do with how many commercials and promos the networks try to cram into a broadcast. It's really telling that the NCAA keeps trying to solve the "problem" of long games by reducing the amount of football played.