Monday, January 14, 2008

USC Gets Tagged as the Favorite

Discussion on who will win the 2009 Bowl Championship Series title game once again starts with Pete Carroll and USC. The Trojans are listed at 3-1 on the earliest of odds at Bodog.

Florida, Georgia and Ohio State are next at 6-1 and Oklahoma is 8-1.

Louisiana State's odds of a repeat performance opened at 10-1. Texas and West Virginia are at 12-1 and Virginia Tech is next at 15-1.

Other teams of note include Missouri at 20-1, Illinois and Auburn at 25-1, Kansas and Tennessee at 30-1, Michigan at 50-1, Notre Dame at 60-1, UCLA at 70-1 and Arkansas at 100-1.

Thanks to Image of Sport.


boz said...

yawn. at the end of every year, the first college football article seems to beSC"s going to win it all next year ... and they never do.

We Are...Penn State email list said...

Interesting considering the Trojans must replace a two-year starter at quarterback.

Rob said...

Everyone has quickly forgotten that Missouri crushed Arkansas.

Aldo Quintanilla said...

I would figure that Arkansas being a 100-1 would mean that it hasn't been forgotten that Missouri destroyed them. Mizzou is a reasonable 20-1.

My Big Brown Opinion said...

What are the odds for Indiana? Just wondering.

dawizofodds said...

Indiana falls under the category of "Field" at 15-1.