Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Midget Wrestling the Rage at Northwestern

We once again venture down the slippery slope of an off-topic post.

Northwestern's chapter of Delta Upsilon fraternity may face disciplinary action from the university after hiring a group of midget wrestlers to perform at a recruitment event last week, according to the Daily Northwestern.

The midget wrestlers reportedly performed a show during which they simulated sex, jumped off a ladder onto one another and stapled each other in the face.

The wrestlers call themselves the Half Pint Brawlers and, according to their website, matches involve "staple guns, thumb tacks, broken bottles [and] trash cans," and "the midgets bleed what little blood they have for your enjoyment."

This has raised quite a ruckus on campus. From a Daily Northwestern editorial:

"There's no place for such vulgar events at Northwestern. Students at this university are known for their intelligence — NU has some of the top students in the country — and midget wrestling is not something with which this university should be associated."

Video not safe for work. Thanks to UWire.


Martini Ha said...

Did they get paid? I don't see what the problem is with this. If they got the paycheck, then get off it. It always cracks me up when "Little People" organizations take offense at some dwarf or midget or whatever getting paid for doing something. No one is twisting their arm. It's like the guy a few years back in Milwaukee who walked around a bar with a sombero on his head full of salsa and chips. Dude was making $20 per hour. Let the man have his payday.

Charles said...

Being a top student has nothing to do with being smart in this sense.

I'm a Northwestern grad, and we had plenty of smart kids who did stupid things, even back in the Neolithic age ('83 - '87).

Amkii said...

I totally agree with Martini Ha! About the guy in Milwaukee...that is AWESOME. And I have to throw in a good word for these Half Pint Brawlers: those guys are awesome...and crazy. And awesome. Midgets are amazing!

Anonymous said...

Would Northwestern have cared if this frat had hired a wrestling troupe comprised of more average sized people? I don't think so. I looked at these little people's website and it seems to me that these are some very enterprising young men that are having fun doing some crazy jackass-movie like theater. They seem to be having fun, making money, and entertaining folks at the same time. It's not my style of humor, but it certainly seems appropriate for a frat house.

Jen said...

NU Senior here - While I personally found myself cringing from that video, I see no problem with the frat hiring them, as long as it all involves consenting adults and proper compensation. The administration itself has stated that they're trying to kick off all our frats, so I view this as a complete ploy to defame the Greek system. Goes much deeper, though - as someone who fundraises from alumni for the university, you bet your ass I'm gonna hear about this at work.

Emma said...

I'm an NU freshman, and while I personally think that midgets stapling things to each other's faces with a staple gun doesn't sound like enjoyable entertainment, I think it's ridiculous that the university is trying to punish DU for this. The boys had an option of going to that, and the ones I talked to were excited . It's just another case of Mary Desler out to ruin the lives of students and frats (she's especially out to get the frats).

Anonymous said...

It is very unfortunate that the school came down on the fraternity. The show did not not need to be vulgar to entertain... I saw a midget wrestling show that was amazing without the smut, they were called Micro Wrestling Federation. That organization would have been a better selection for this event.