Sunday, January 20, 2008

Did Urban Meyer Rat Out Recruit?

Patrick Johnson is a hotshot cornerback recruit from Pompano Beach and he announced on Jan. 5 that he would attend Louisiana State. Johnson's choice of schools apparently didn't go over well with Florida, which was a finalist for the cornerback. Johnson, regarded as LSU's top recruit, is rated the No. 2 overall defensive prospect by Rivals.

Johnson was expected to start classes this week and participate in spring drills, but Florida questioned his academic eligibility with the NCAA. Johnson twice scored 16 on the ACT before soaring to a 22 in October. ACT officials subsequently reviewed his test results and "flagged" the October score, according to the Times-Picayune.

Said Johnson: "Florida made an issue about the ACT score. They're cowards. They had to go behind my back. But that's OK. We play them this year [on Oct. 11 at Florida]."

Johnson, who said he had to take the writing portion of the test again, is hoping to get the matter cleared up by Thursday, the last day to register for spring classes.

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Luther Mahoney said...

UF always questions huge jumps in test scores. They did it to their own signee John Brown last year and made him sit out as a redshirt. Talk to FSU about what happens when you look the other way on stuff like that.

If this kid really got a 22 after 2 16s, he should have no problem at least passing the test the next time. If he can't do it, he's got bigger problems than UF to worry about and LSU should be happy they didn't get him in.

Anonymous said...

Urban Meyer is the ultimate snake. I can't believe kids want to play for him.