Thursday, November 08, 2007

More Craziness From the Nutt House

The Hog Blogger sends along word of yet another bizzaro twist in the Houston Nutt-Mitch Mustain-Arkansas soap opera. Somebody using Nutt's family email — most likely Nutt's wife, Diana — wrote "wish I were one of them" when discussing an attack on Mustain's mother, Beck Campbell, that occurred on June 8, 2002.

Campbell suffered serious injuries in the attack, which occurred while she was cleaning an apartment in Fayetteville from which she had recently evicted a mother and daughter for failing to pay rent. The mother used a board to beat Campbell while the daughter held her.

The email read: "where did you get that juicy tidbit? Did you know she once lived in Fayetteville? You probably already know that she has rental property and that's how she makes her living. Anyway, some women renters beat the s *** out of her several years back so she moved to Springdale and claims she HATES Fayetteville because of that. Of course the renters went to jail, but I wish I were one of them, do you blame them?"

Campbell reportedly sustained two separated ribs, a dislocated jaw, a concussion, lacerations requiring more than 20 staples in her head and more than 30 bruises in the attack. The older woman reportedly was sentenced to six years in jail after pleading guilty to assault, battery and terroristic threatening charges, and her daughter received probation after pleading guilty as an accessory to the same charges.

The email sent from the Nutt household was included in yet another Freedom of Information Act request filed by the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette.

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