Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Game That Keeps on Giving

Check out this block by Oregon State quarterback — that's right, quarterback — Lyle Moevao on Washington defensive end Grayson Gunheim during a reverse to James Rodgers. A completely legal block, but the embarrassment to Gunheim and his Husky teammates likely helped spark the chippy play later in Saturday's game in Corvallis. Eight personal fouls were called and four players were ejected.

But the play that sent emotions soaring is below. Apology for the grainy video, but it's the only one we can locate of the helmet-to-helmet hit on Husky quarterback Jake Locker by the Beavers' Al Afalava. Locker is likely out of Saturday's game against California because of a neck injury suffered on the play.

Oregon State athletic director Bob De Carolis was upset upon hearing that only the replay crew was reprimanded by the Pacific 10. De Carolis decided to press the issue and sent a video package to league commissioner Tom Hansen.

"I was concerned with the management of the game from the officials on the field," De Carolis said. "I felt that wasn't handled well at a lot of different levels. My recommendation to Tom was the officials get reprimanded, and that didn't come out. As to instant replay [officials], not only a reprimand, that should go beyond that. That didn't happen."

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