Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Pac-10 Replay Crew Draws Reprimand

This botched call nearly cost Oregon State its victory over Washington in a chippy game Saturday night at Corvallis. The Pacific 10 announced Monday that the replay crew has been reprimanded, bringing back memories of last season's fiasco between Oklahoma and Oregon.

On this play, the Beavers' Yvenson Bernard fumbles near the goal line and the ball is picked up by Roy Lewis and returned, putting the Huskies in business. Oregon State stopped Washington and held on for a 29-23 victory.

Four players — three of them Beavers — were ejected in the third quarter and Husky quarterback Jake Locker was taken off the field by ambulance after a helmet-to-helmet hit that was ruled "inadvertent."

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Anonymous said...

You want to see a replay official not doing his job, check out the fumble by the Illinois running back that wasn't called in the first quarter of the Ohio State-Illinois game. That embarrassment by the replay crew makes this one by the Pac-10 replay crew look like a mild oversight.