Thursday, October 11, 2007

The Goat's Hero Is Wannstedt

Yes, this was a victory for the little guys. Those Midshipmen from Navy stunned Pittsburgh, 48-45 in double overtime Wednesday night, and now Panther coach Dave Wannstedt has some explaining to do.

Gene Collier of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: "Pitt had 10 days to prepare for Navy, 10 days to decipher an offense that's so darned unpredictable that it runs the ball 84 percent of the time, 10 days to ponder the implications of two Navy slotbacks whose combined weight does not equal that of starting Pitt tackle Jeff Otah. Swear to God."

There's more. Collier writes that Navy ran "a staggering 84 plays, about 80 of which were pretty successful."

And this: "When Wannstedt and his staff have more than a week to prepare for an opponent, Pitt's record is 2-8. In the same situation, by damning contrast, Navy coach Paul Johnson is 17-7 given the same advantage."

Joe Starkey of the Tribune-Review: "Pitt's defensive linemen wore shin guards in practice to prepare for Navy's cut-blocking. Maybe they should have worn chest protectors, because Navy's fullbacks spent the better part of the evening stomping over them for big gains.

"Didn't that fullback dive play show up on film study?"

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greg6363 said...

Safe to say the Panthers will be making a coaching change at the end of this season.