Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Wildcat Strike in Tucson

After stops in Las Cruces, El Paso and Columbus to start the season, reader Greg took a trip Saturday to Tucson to take in the New Mexico-Arizona game. Tucson remains one of the favorite stops for the Wiz, with such delights as Lil' Abner's Steakhouse, Dirtbag's and, of course, a few places we won't mention ...
Wildcat fans were firing up the barbecues before kickoff ...
... and what is a barbecue without alcohol ...
... or live music? ... The only problem? The Wildcats were such good hosts they let the Lobos win, 29-27.
Arizona Stadium is one of the oldest in the land, having opened in 1928.
And how about this? Arizona Stadium includes two dormitories, Pinal and Navajo, in the South stands, and Sierra Hall, which is home to offices for the music department and Residence Life, located in the west stands.
No, that's not the Stoops brothers, but the way things are going in Tucson, don't be surprised to see Mike looking for work soon. On Monday, he announced the suspension of four players who were arrested after a fraternity party scuffle. The incident allegedly happened early Friday morning, the day before the New Mexico game.

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