Monday, September 10, 2007

Columbus Day

Our man Greg is living the life. After attending games at Las Cruces and El Paso in Week 1, he ventured to Columbus in Week 2 and took in the Akron-Ohio State game.

Buckeye fans were doing their Road Warrior impersonation to honor linebacker James Laurinaitis, whose father, Joe, was known as "Animal" when he was a member of the legendary professional wrestling tag team. James was credited with seven tackles in the Buckeyes' 20-2 victory.

An Ohio State fan has found a slick way to protect his satellite dish and show his love for the Buckeyes, above left. And the Ohio State band got the crowd fired up before kickoff.
Brutus entertained the fans, many of whom were decked out in Scarlet and Gray. And if you didn't want to wear the Buckeyes' colors, there were options like the one below.
Not sure what the rules are for the Drinko game, but from the looks of the empty cups on the porch, there does not seem to be a way to lose. And if you were wondering were the beef was, Greg found it.

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