Friday, May 18, 2007

Arkansas' Citizen Journalist Exposed to Nutts

Details are starting to emerge about a May 3 meeting between Houston Nutt and citizen journalist Thomas McAfee, whose scrutiny of Nutt's phone and text messaging records through the Freedom of Information Act helped spark speculation and rumors that the Arkansas coach had an inappropriate relationship with Fort Smith news anchor Donna Bragg.

McAfee and his attorney met face to face with Nutt and his wife Diana in the office of Nutt's attorney. McAfee said the meeting produced heated words — a "scolding," according to McAfee — but no revelations or concessions.

"I asked him, 'What do I have to apologize for?' " McAfee told the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette. "Do I have to apologize for asking questions?"

McAfee also said Nutt demanded to know who put him up to requesting his phone records and if he had any conversations with former Razorback quarterback Mitch Mustain.

"I guess he thought I and Mitch Mustain were in cahoots," McAfee said.

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