Saturday, April 07, 2007

The Wiz Now Banned in China

Not sure what we've done to deserve this, but our humble little site has been banned in the People's Republic of China! Granted, college football might not be a big thing up and down the Yangtze River, but we're always interested in spreading the gospel of college football.

We get our information from the Great Firewall of China, which allows you to check any URL's availability in China. We checked both of ours — and — and both were blocked. If anybody in China is able to break through the firewall, drop us a line at dawizofodds (at)

Thanks to College Football Resource for the tip.


greg6363 said...

If memory serves me right, all gambling sites are blocked by the Chinese government. With the presence of the word odds in the URL, that is probably the reason why the site is blocked by the firewall.

Purdue Matt said...

Mine is blocked as well. They probably blocked every blog under the blogspot address.

Mike P. said...

Not me!

I'm big in China.

Anonymous said...

The PRC is angry at you for the lack of Erin Andrews content lately.