Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Stanford's Harbaugh: 'We Bow to No Man'

Let the pissing match begin. Stanford coach Jim Harbaugh ticked off Pete Carroll last week when he said the USC coach was planning to leave the Trojans after this season. Carroll wasted little time in firing back: "If he's going to make statements like that, he ought to get his information right. And if he has any questions about it he should call me."

Harbaugh was asked this week if he had been misquoted. "It's been widely publicized that he has interviewed for other jobs, and that is what I've heard. I definitely said that. But we bow to no man. We bow to no program here at Stanford University."

Harbaugh was asked if he had talked with Carroll to smooth over the growing rift. "I don't have any questions about his future."

Harbaugh begins his first spring practice with the Cardinal on Wednesday. Stanford is coming off a 1-11 season and plays at USC on Oct. 6. Thanks to Bruce!

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Zach Landres-Schnur said...

harbaugh looks like his face is on fire. or had recently been on fire.