Sunday, February 11, 2007

We'll Try (Almost) Anything Once

You may have noticed the new Snap popup windows on the site when you roll over external URLs. We actually got the idea from the fine California site Tightwad Hill. After talking with Tightwad, we decided to give the popups a run. Does this mean they are here to stay? Not necessarily, because we want to hear from you. Do they enhance or impede your navigation of the site? Feel free to comment, or send us an email at dawizofodds (at)


philip said...

with all the pop up blockers i have installed, i could care less.

love the site. keep up the good work.

Kevin said...

snap sucks. I got so fed up with them I on other sites had to disable them

snap is this year's Marquee function

Anonymous said...

the popups are awful