Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Houston, We Have a Problem

Todd Graham's decision to leave Rice last week for Tulsa has left them howling in Houston. Graham, a former defensive coordinator at Tulsa, departed days after signing an extension. John Lopez of the Houston Chronicle wrote a blistering column, calling Graham "maybe the game's biggest coaching serpent." Houston attorney Tom Kirkendall says that although Graham "handled this job change about as shabbily as possible," Rice supporters overlook the fact that they ran off a good coach in Ken Hatfield. So where does Rice turn? Graham took six of his assistants to Tulsa, but up-and-coming offensive coordinator Major Applewhite wasn't among the group. Unfortunately for Rice, Applewhite has since hightailed it Alabama, where he has joined Nick Saban's staff. Applewhite and Graham were at odds before all of this unfolded, with Graham back-handing his former assistant when he learned that Applewhite was looking around. "We run Rice's offense, not Major Applewhite's offense. That was my offense," Graham said. ... Thanks to the Rice Football Webletter for the image of Graham.

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Anonymous said...

looks like Graham took a page of Dennis Erickson's playbook. They both are bad for the game. We can hope karma finds it's way into their lives and bites them in the behind.