Friday, December 15, 2006

An Idea Whose Time Has Come

True connoisseurs of college football recognize that the season never ends. Recruiting heats up after the Bowl Championship Series title game, then it's time for spring football. In the summer, players push themselves to physical extremes in order to enter fall camp in tip-top shape. Then the season starts and we do it all over again. But maybe it's time to consider a change in this routine. Maybe it's time to move the bowl games — all the bowl games — to January. Let's consider the disadvantages of the current schedule, the biggest being the disruption the bowls bring to families and finances. The holiday season is regarded in many a household as a time to bring families together. Filling the RV with beer and buddies and driving halfway across the country to see a 6-6 team play in some outpost certainly appeals to many of us, but try explaining it to the wife and kids. Second, have you ever tried to book a flight after the bowl pairings were announced? Get ready to take out a second on the homestead to pay for airfare and four-five days in a resort city during the holidays. It's not cheap. Now consider doing all of this in January. The hotels are empty and airfare is relatively cheap because you can book a flight a month in advance. As for the holidays? OK, you're stuck at home, but at least you'll really have something to look forward to. And besides, who doesn't need a vacation after the holidays?

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Speaking of Bowl tickets, I have Orange Bowl tickets in the lower bowl. Anyone, anyone?

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