Wednesday, November 22, 2006

This Is What a No. 1 Team Does to a City

Did we miss a party or what? Columbus was rocking last weekend! Take a look at these shots sent to us from Matt. The top photo really needs no explanation. Then again, maybe we just don't want to give one. ... Now to the important stuff, namely college coeds smothered in mud. How degrading, but yet, how appealing. Really now, what's not to like? We were not aware of this Columbus tradition, when students jump into Mirror Lake the night before the Michigan game, but we like! Now to do this — considering it's November — you probably need a few adult beverages beforehand, and as you can see, it was Consumption Junction. Even Columbus cops were taking all the frolicking in good nature.


German Village Media said...

Strong. The mirror lake jumping actually takes place on the Thursday before the M*ch*g*n (Tressel-again) game.

Love your site.

- German Village Media

Zach Landres-Schnur said...

who needs the super bowl and its parties now?

mikey said...

LOoK! at the butt and thighs on the blond girl... she must workout.

Best In The Biz, Wiz!!!