Friday, November 17, 2006

Hold Off on Those Nuclear Bombs

Our apology for running this photo again, but that's working "journalist" Kirk Herbstreit celebrating an Ohio State interception by jumping on the back of former Buckeye Eddie George during the 2003 Fiesta Bowl. Herbstreit grew up in Centerville, Ohio and played quarterback for the Buckeyes from 1989 to '93. You might remember him from the 1993 Michigan-Ohio State game. Herbstreit passed for 271 yards in the Buckeyes' 13-13 tie with the Wolverines. He will be in the ABC's booth for Saturday's biggie in Columbus, and this comment in the Los Angeles Times really set off the Wiz's B.S. Detector "When I get up in the booth, I'm there to evaluate the game," Herbstreit said. "I'm looking at how two teams are trying to move the ball down the field. I'm not looking at what school I happened to attend." There's more. Herbstreit puts some perspective his youth. "I used to go to bed at night when I was in high school, when I started to realize I was going to play at a pretty high level of football in college, and it was the middle of the Cold War when nuclear bombs were a serious threat. I used to go to bed praying to hold off on nuclear bombs until I got a chance to play in the Ohio State-Michigan game."

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RacketMan said...

I totally don't agree with the criticism of Herbstreit. He never claimed to not be an OSU fan, just to be impartial as an analyst. I'm a rabid Georgia Tech fan, but in my job I'm not going to play favorites to research or technology from the Institute; I'm going to pursue what is best for my company.

Personal partiality does not mandate professional partiality.