Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Please, No Cheering on the Sidelines

Former Ohio State quarterback and ESPN "GameDay" co-host Kirk Herbstreit might have been taught to take it one game at a time as a player, but the "journalist" — seen jumping on the back of former Buckeye running back Eddie George after a Mike Doss interception in the 2003 Fiesta Bowl — is already looking ahead, the Detroit News reports. Herbstreit, who hosts a talk show on WBNS 1460 in Columbus, has started ripping rival Michigan, which plays Ohio State on Nov. 18 in Columbus. Here are some excerpts:
On the Michigan defense: I personally don't think their defense, the way Ohio State will spread them out, can just dominate the game and shut Ohio State down."
On what would happen if the Wolverines and Buckeyes played today: "If those two teams were to play right now, just the way they're playing, I don't even think it would be close. Ohio State not only wins that game the way they're playing right now, maybe by a few scores."
On Michigan receiver Steve Breaston: "He's worthless in my mind, outside of returning a few punts. I'll say that, and he'll end up winning the game for them on Nov. 18. But he hasn't done anything since his freshman year."
On Wolverine fans leaving last Saturday's home game against Northwestern early: "If you're a Michigan fan, honestly, help me to understand, you have a team that is No. 2 in the country, you only get a chance to see them play at home six or seven times and you bail in the second quarter."


Anonymous said...

I listened live to the broadcast that contained the above mentioned quotes from Kirk. These comments where made on his local radio show in Columbus, meant for an OHio audience. Though not mentioned in the article, he heeped high praise on the Michigan football team, in addition to the honest assesment of some of Michgan's faults. Kirk is one of the most honest, unbiased members of the CFB staff at ESPN and wouldn't risk his credibility by inflaming the masses on a national scale.

Anonymous said...

funny how they left the fact that he praised UM out of that article...

Aurabass said...

Homer Herbstriet should be expected to boost OSU on the hometown radio. Nothing new there.

The big monster in the corner of this Big 10 room that nobody wants to talk about is that OSU beat Texas with a new frosh QB in the opener and they haven't played a credible (ranked now) opponent since. They don't even play Wisconsin or Purdue this year.

Meanwhile the SEC one loss teams have each played 2 top 15 opponents at least except Arkansas.

Nobody knows how good OSU is until they play Michigan and that's really the only game they play with a credible opponent between Texas and the National Championship farce.

All they have going for them is the ESPN hype machine and the failure of writers to point out the facts.

Anonymous said...

Texas had a redshirt freshman QB, OSU had 9 new starters on defense. Which team had the advantage (at Texas, at night). give me a break.

The SEC teams play nobody tough out of conference. Who knows how good LSU, Florida, Auburn, etc. are when they only play each other?

TwoDogsSenaJew said...

Well the way I see it,a buckeye is a worthless nut.Go Blue..

Anonymous said...

When you're the preseason #1 every game is a hard shot to the mouth. Rutgers is struggling with one GAME in the top 10. Every team (that your SEC wannabes say is weak) played their best against OSU as a #1. No team has run the table as a preseason #1 for that reason, it's just too hard. Michigan was the best defense in the nation and Troy Smith put 300+ and 500+ as an OSU offensive team. So when the best defense in the nation gets 2 50+ yard touchdown runs, how good is OSU? One Michigan touchdown was helped by 2 3rd down penalties that were both questionable. OSU is the best team in the nation, and anyone who doesn't get that has no understanding of the realities of preseason #1's.