Sunday, October 22, 2006

This Was a Real 'Shocker'

We understand that Iowa coach Kirk Ferentz was upset with the officiating in the Hawkeyes' 20-6 loss to Michigan on Saturday (third item), and we can see why. The referee is clearly caught here doing the Shocker on the ABC telecast. Naughty, naughty! Now just because the Wolverines won doesn't mean the team is without trouble. Receiver Adrian Arrington has some sort of legal issue, with a police report having been filed, but as of yet, no charges have come down. This didn't stop Judge Lloyd Carr from rendering a verdict, however, which allowed Arrington to play. Said Carr: "There's an issue, and I'm not going to discuss it except to say that I take any allegation of this type very seriously, but I do not think the allegation is supported by the facts." Translation: We were playing the last serious challenger on our schedule before Ohio State and we needed Arrington in the lineup, especially with receiver Mario Manningham still on crutches."

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